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Expand Your School's Success with Taleemabad Franchise


Taleemabad offers a comprehensive franchise program tailored for existing schools, providing them with the opportunity to add value to their institutions with the backing of an established name. As a franchise partner, school owners can benefit from the expertise and assistance provided by Taleemabad at every step of their journey toward success. We seek like-minded partners who share our vision for education.

By joining our franchise, school owners can tap into the success story, customer trust, reputation, and recognition that Taleemabad has garnered in the education sector. We offer support in various aspects, including teacher training, operational guidance, marketing and branding assistance, Curriculum planning, and School Growth.

To qualify leads for our franchise program, we consider factors such as monthly revenue of at least 3 lakhs, a minimum of 6 teachers, a student count of 100 to 150 with fee ranges between 2500 to 3000 rupees per student per month, availability of internet/Wi-Fi, and availability of necessary equipment such as laptops, mobile devices, and LCDs.

In terms of marketing support, we provide branded materials such as boards, standees, prospectuses, and flyers. Additionally, we offer assistance in designing additional branding materials, school layouts, and recommendations, as well as listing partner schools on our website.

Operational support is a priority for us. We conduct four visits per month to assist with various operational aspects. Our dedicated customer support ensures prompt assistance when needed. We also provide a smart learning app for parents and students, handle the printing of marketing materials, offer discounts on workbooks, and provide optimization assistance for the school's current plans.

With Taleemabad's franchise program, existing schools can unlock the potential for growth and success, while benefiting from our established brand, comprehensive support, and shared commitment to delivering quality education.